My love for make-up was identified when I was just 13, when I was going to cheap stores across Newcastle looking for any products I could grab with my pocket money.

Fast forward a couple of years, I was struggling in school and wasn’t excelling academically. I didn’t want to give up on school without having something else to explore so I began looking for jobs around the make-up industry.

I channelled my love for make-up into my first job at Kiko Milano (I absolutely loved their products!). I knew I wanted to move into a full-time role almost immediately and achieved this at Urban Decay, where I worked for 3 years from being aged 16.

I was so passionate about make-up and eventually opened up my very own salon with my best friend, who was a beauty therapist. It didn’t quite work out for me and I subsequently ended up out of work for a period, losing my passion and drive for something I’d loved for so long.

I never wanted to give up my dream of working in cosmetics and used this as a motivation to create Mariposa and all of our amazing products. 7 years after my journey began, I feel like I’m getting started all over again and I absolutely love it!

Chloe x